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Mystery adventure games
Detective and mystery pc games have been popular for a long time, it goes as far back as the 80s and 90s. You either play as an amateur or professional detective, gathering evidences and objects to help you on your quest. Most of the time these game features funny dialogues, a lot of places to investigate and many characters to interact with.

One of the earliest detective/mystery adventure game is "Mystery House", developed by On-Line Systems in 1980. Locked in a house, you have to find out what is happening and talk to people to gather information. In 2007, it was qualified as the 51th most important game of all time by GamePro because it featured graphics, which was actualy quite new for adventure games at that time.

After that came all the Sierra and LucasArts games that made the genre even more popular for the years to come. These games were most of the time click and point adventure where you had to deal with characters and fantasy worlds. It's important though not to forget the amazing contribution of independant developers to the genre. These people, often working alone, brough fresh ideas to the table and made some of the most popular mystery games of all time.

If you want to try some great detective games, here are some that are featured on the website:
- Cubert Badbone
- Cult
- Nick it and Run
- Treasure of Drunk Island

Great flash games are also available in the classic adventure games section.

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